This 55-year-old man appears to be in his twenties.

This 55-year-old man appears to be in his twenties.
Here’s the truth behind why we all age. Every day, our mirror reminds us of this. A crease here, a sag there… There is no way to avoid the impacts of aging. Many individuals all around the world spend a lot of money on goods that promise to give you eternal youth, yet they frequently fall short and fail to deliver. This is why we were astounded to learn that this man, who appears to be in his twenties, is actually 50 years old.


Tan, Chuando

Chuando Tan is a Singaporean photographer who has captured the attention of the entire globe by not only photographing other people but also photographing himself. The fascinating thing is that, while Chaundo appears to be approximately 20 years old, he was born in 1967, making him 55 years old. This must astonish you, because nothing about his look indicates this.

His top-kept secrets


When Chaundo began publishing photos of himself, his admirers noted that he does not change and does not appear to be 51 years old. Some of his fans believe it is all due to genetics, while others believe it is due to the environment he lives in, as Singapore has clean air, high-quality products, and good medical. But now the photographer has come forward and revealed his secrets to us.

Tan thinks that you are what you eat and that a person’s health and beauty are 70% dependent on what they eat and 30% dependent on activity. As a result, he consumes 6 hard-boiled eggs for breakfast with only 2 yolks (due to cholesterol). In addition, he takes a glass of milk and occasionally eats avocado with berries for breakfast. This is a nice quantity of protein and calories to start the day.

During the day, in addition to eggs, he eats chicken with rice, grilled veggies, and fish soup. The photographer acknowledges that ice cream is his weakness, which is why he consumes it occasionally, but only in the morning. He also skips coffee and tea, preferring to drink plenty of water. He does not smoke, does not use alcohol, and eats a salad of fresh vegetables for supper.

Tan works out four times a week, or at least three times if he’s too busy. He limits himself to 30 minutes for this activity. Strength training is always followed by cardio exercise; however, due to a knee problem, he does not jog and instead runs at a quick speed on a treadmill. Furthermore, he tries to swim every day, going to a pool in the evening and swimming for approximately an hour.


More hints

It may seem obvious, but how many of us do what we truly love and want to accomplish? Maybe that’s the key to perpetual youth. Because whatever you do has an effect on the psyche and hence the entire body.
This 55-year-old man appears to be in his 20s..

As a present, he was once given a Botox operation. He tried, but he didn’t like the result. He hasn’t gone to a beautician since. Tan, on the other hand, admits to using hair colour to cover up his gray hair.

It’s obvious that the keys to appearing youthful include eating well, exercising out, getting enough sleep, and doing what you enjoy. Tan is a living example of how beneficial this way of life can be.