Simple DIY Projects You Can Complete This Weekend

Because of the epidemic, many individuals are spending more time at home than ever before, and many are ready to accomplish some house chores while they are inside. While learning to drywall or repaving your own patio may be more of a time and money investment than most people are willing to make right now, there are lots of simple tasks you can do to dramatically alter your house in a handful of days or less. That’s why we’ve collaborated with DIY professionals to bring you some stunning and simple DIY home projects you can finish in a single weekend! Check out these Genius Home Improvement Projects You Can Do in an Hour for even more quick and easy ways to liven up your place.

Create Your Own Own Hand-Painted Wallpaper.

No money for pricey wallpaper? Not a problem! According to Cassandra Campana of Cass Creates, this project cost almost nothing and was completed quickly. “I drew the vertical lines on the wall using a level and a long piece of scrap wood. Then I angled two spare pieces of wood and glued them together to produce a template for the rest of the pattern “She elaborates. She painted the pattern on the wall after penciling it in with a tiny brush.

Make Your Own Do-It-Yourself Coffee Station.

Tired of having an overabundance of mismatched mugs in your cabinet? With this simple coffee station from Jes and Madhu Das of Yea We Built That, you can consolidate your collection and put your morning pick-me-up accessories in one place.

After sanding and lacquering your wood, Jes recommends “putting the parts together [and] making sure the shelf is at a 90-degree angle so your shelf contents don’t fall down.” She adds that the cup hooks beneath the station are available at any hardware shop.

Make Your Own Crate Organizer Using a Slide-Out Mechanism.

If you need extra entrance storage but don’t have a lot of room, these sliding milk crates can be the ideal solution.

“We had a handful of [crates] laying about, so we decided to transform them into usable products where we could really keep stuff we needed access to on a regular basis,” Jes explains. After spray painting the crates, she affixed sliding drawer tracks to the crate and wall, measuring and re-measuring to assure operation.

Make Your Own Personalized Mirror.

It’s easier than you think to turn that drab mirror into a conversation piece. “I recently transformed a simple wooden mirror into a lovely rose gold piece using simply white paint, tape, and a can of Rust-Oleum spray paint in rose gold,” explains Dream of Home DIY blogger Sarah Macklin. She simply painted the corners white, covered them with tape once dry, and then used spray paint on the remainder.

You Should Reupholster Your Headboard.

Do you want to instantly brighten up your bedroom? This lovely headboard can be made in a weekend with a little elbow grease. “This makeover was affordable and made a big difference, but it did take a few of coats to conceal the gray tone of the original upholstery,” comments BohoFrisco DIYer Amanda Poe.

Make a Stencil for Your Nightstand and Paint It.

Now that you’ve finished your headboard, why not spruce up your bedroom’s plain nightstand as well? It just takes a few hours to produce a one-of-a-kind item. Poe explains, “I used chalk paint and a stencil to make this bone inlay appearance at a tenth of the cost” of a new piece.

Transform an Antique Dresser With Milk Paint.

Instead of throwing out that worn-out old dresser, consider changing it like DIY house bloggers Ash and Eileen Annesley of Just Measuring Up. “We had an antique 1950s dresser that we fully transformed with milk paint and fresh new hardware,” the couple says.

Create Your Own Photo Ledge.

You don’t have to overload every bookshelf and mantle to make room for your images. “These are wonderful picture ledges that we constructed out of scrap wood and now contain a collection of images,” the Annesleys explain. What’s the best part? This project cost less than ten dollars.