Save Money

Profitable Business Ideas with Low Initial Investment

Starting your own business gives you control over your earnings and working hours. It may you the freedom and cash you require to achieve your objectives today and in the future.

However, deciding how to establish a business and what sorts of businesses to focus on can be difficult. Fortunately, there are a variety of businesses with modest initial costs and overhead that have the potential to be quite lucrative.

Here are some potentially successful businesses you might start in 2022.


Other than the expenditures of any resources you’d need to conduct tutoring services, such as textbooks or a computer or tablet, tutoring involves little to no upfront fees to begin started. You’ll probably need a degree in the subject you’ll be instructing people in, and you may need to spend money on marketing to locate interested clients.

Once your tutoring business is up and running, it may provide a flexible schedule and be fairly profitable. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual income for tutors and teachers is $40,590, but tutors in specialized disciplines can earn considerably more. According to ZipRecruiter, an LSAT instructor (a tutor who helps individuals prepare for the law school admission exam) earns a national average compensation of $79,284 per year.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, accountants and auditors earned a median annual income of $73,560 in 2020, and the typical hourly earnings in this field was $35.37. As a consequence, while the initial expenses are low, this might be a successful business to run. You might begin with simply a PC and the necessary software packages.

However, there are major fees involved in becoming a certified public accountant, which increases your experience and trustworthiness. The Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants, for example, predicts that being certified will cost more than $3,000, including a self-study refresher course. After obtaining an appropriate bachelor’s degree.


Transcription is the process of writing down what is stated on audio or video recordings. The rate of remuneration for transcribing labor is determined by the type of data being transcribed. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical transcriptionists earned a median annual pay of $35,270 in 2020. Court reporters, on the other hand, might earn far more, with a typical income of $61,660 in the same year.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, transcriptionists are often trained in community colleges and technical schools. Certain positions, such as court reporter, may additionally need particular certification via a state licensure test. You may also consider purchasing specialist equipment, such as a foot pedal, to expedite the transcribing process.

Service of cleaning

In 2020, the median annual compensation for janitors and building cleaners was $29,080, while maids and housekeeping cleaners made $28,1010. You may be able to earn significantly more if you choose to operate a cleaning business rather than performing services yourself. However, even a modest cleaning franchise may cost up to $15,000, so you may prefer to establish your business gradually from the bottom up.

Mobile food service

According to a Food Truck Empire poll, more than 85 percent of full-time food truck operators earn more than $100,000 in yearly gross sales. The initial expenditures for this business are slightly greater, since the average food truck entrepreneur spends between $70,000 and $80,000 to buy their vehicle, personalize it, and meet regulatory and licensing requirements. However, some vehicles may cost up to $250,000.

Despite the high initial expenses, the overhead is often significantly lower than that of a restaurant.

Car wash and detailing on the go

According to MobileWash, a mobile detailer who handles two cars per day will earn an average of $23,976 per year. The start-up costs are likewise inexpensive. Cleaning tools such as a steam cleaner, cleaning chemicals, brushes, and towels are required. You may also wish to invest in bookkeeping software and set aside some money to promote your new company.

To start a mobile detailing business, you might become a partner in a service like MobileWash, but you would have to split the income. You may also start a business from scratch. To locate clients, you’ll need to invest in the essential equipment and create and implement a marketing campaign.

Personal development

Personal training offers cheap overhead costs as well, however your expenses would clearly be considerably greater if you were to acquire workout equipment or rent a facility to perform training services.

You may make a nice life as a personal trainer once you’ve established your business and created a clientele. In 2020, the median income for a fitness trainer or teacher was $40,510, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Personal trainers typically need at least an associate’s degree as well as specific certification in the field of fitness in which they specialize.

New and soon-to-be parents’ services

There are several services you may give to new parents, and getting started usually needs little initial investment on your behalf. Working as a birth doula or a lactation consultant are two prominent choices.

According to the International Doula Institute, birth doulas in major cities with high cost of living may earn up to $86,400 per year. Doulas in smaller locations with reduced costs might make between $28,800 and $57,600 per year. Doulas must often attend birth training seminars to get the essential skills.

According to, lactation consultants made an average of $86,828 per year as of February 2022. To become a lactation consultant, you’ll require clinical training, which is provided by many community colleges and extension programs.

If you select one of these businesses, expect an inconsistent schedule because infants arrive when they want to and labor times might be unexpected.